More Energy Solutions from Your Heating and Cooling Provider

As the weather is getting warmer, you need to keep in mind how your heating and cooling provider can keep you from sweating too much this spring and summer. Metzger’s has the equipment, tips, and maintenance to keep you from feeling the heat. Our team of qualified staff will give you the best service with top-of-the-line products and dependable service for your heating and cooling systems.

Choose the right unit

When you choose Metzger’s to help with your cooling this spring and summer, you’re choosing a Bryant factory authorized dealer. This means we are a company of unparalleled performance in the world of heating and cooling units and services. The Bryant emblem means we proved ourselves to Bryant as a company with superior skills, service, products, comfort, and the promise of pure satisfaction with heating and cooling. This spring and summer, if you want to stay cool, it all starts with the right unit.

A saving tip

Once you have the unit you need, there are some at-home practices you can get in the habit of to help keep your home at lower temperatures in warm weather. Checking your windows and doors for any air leaks that may be occurring is an easy way to not let in hot air, and ensure your inside temperature stays low. Whether using caulk or weather stripping, you can save on cooling with proper exterior seals.

Trusted provider

Metzger’s Heating and Cooling can make sure after you’ve got the right unit and done the right techniques, that you’re not left alone in the heat when the inevitable wear and tear from use starts to affect your unit. Although the units we provide are long-lasting, all air conditioning units eventually face problems, and Metzger’s can help you in these times of need. Our team provides the maintenance needed on units no matter the problem.

Whether it’s heating, air conditioning, air purification, or commercial HVAC, Metzger’s has the products and services you need in the world of heating and cooling.

Geothermal Energy Provides Home Heating Through Winter

With daylight savings giving us another hour of sunlight during the day and the sun more frequently coming out, we’re finally starting to get into higher temperatures this winter, which helps home heating. However, we’re not out of the woods yet, with temperatures overnight still reaching lower levels than we would like. Whether you need a cost-efficient solution to close out this year’s winter or are looking for a solution to bring into the next, Metzger’s Heating and Cooling can provide one with geothermal energy.

How it works

The geothermal system that Metzger’s provides uses the naturally occurring temperature in the ground to provide home heating throughout winter. Typically, Michigan ground temperature is around 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit. So, geothermal heating cycles air into the ground, the air warms up, and it’s sent back up into your home.

Every winter

Geothermal energy is a great option because of how much of an investment it ends up being. With greater up-front costs, it may be unappealing to some, but, when it provides your home with 80% of the heating you need using only ground temperatures, you can see how you save one costs every winter past installation.

Fight the extremes

A great benefit to geothermal energy is that it helps you save not only during the coldest moments of winter, but you also save during the summer as well. Ground temperature stays consistent year-round, so it does the job for you of regulating your inner temperatures a great deal before the need for air conditioning or heating. So, if the heat is getting to you this summer, geothermal heat can cut the temperature down for you.

Metzger’s Heating and Cooling installs a variety of systems to the greater Kalamazoo area. Whether you need heating, cooling, or home air control, the professionals at Metzger’s can provide the solutions you need.

Clean Out Old Air with Air Cleaners

While cooped up inside during winter months in the Midwest, the quality of air you breathe can be an important factor for comfortable living, and the proper air cleaners can guarantee you sleep soundly. Metzger’s Heating and Cooling carries the air quality products that can best improve the air in your home and make sure you breathe easy all winter long.

Learn your MERV

When thinking about what air filters to get to keep your air as clean as possible, it’s important to consider the MERV rating of the filter. Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) is the rating used for air filter companies to show you, the consumer, the overall effectiveness of the filter you’re purchasing. A higher MERV value means that less particles and contaminants can get into your air, leading to a cleaner environment and easy breathing. Metzger’s Heating and Cooling offers air cleaners that range from MERV 10 to MERV 15, so you can get the best mid-range filter for your home, or a higher-end filter for your business.


Metzger’s Heating and Cooling uses High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA) air purifying filters to give you the cleanest air for your home or business. HEPA filters use a fine mesh that can keep all irritants out of the air and help you sleep soundly all winter long. Especially useful for those with pets dealing with dander, HEPA filters can take it out of the air, as well as pollen, dust mites, and more. If anyone in your home suffers through winter with asthma or allergies, you can improve their quality of life this winter with proper air cleaners.

Always available and ready to help, Metzger’s Heating and Cooling can provide you with the proper furnaces, filters, and more to keep you warm this winter. To get us out and take a look at your air units as soon as possible, contact us today!

Heating Services to Keep You Warm this Winter

At Metzger’s Heating and Cooling, we know that Midwest winters can be rough when temperatures reach into the negatives, and it’s during these times that our team can provide the heating services you need. You can get by with a space heater if your home or work heating isn’t cutting it, but, at the end of the day, a quality heating unit and maintenance to proper upkeep can keep you warmer and save on costs.

Residential and commercial

The professionals at Metzger’s Heating and Cooling have worked for a variety of clients and have the necessary experience to work on your residential heating as well as commercial (up to 25T). Home heating is obviously important since it’s where we sleep at night, but if you’re a building owner housing a business, they need proper heating services as well. The experts at Metzger’s can inspect your home or commercial building, let you know which heating unit would be best for you, and get to installing it.

Competitive service

At Metzger’s Heating and Cooling, we believe everyone deserves to live and work comfortably. That’s why we offer free in-home estimates for every client, so you can hear the personalized reasoning behind our heating solutions. With competitive pricing and financing available, there’s no one better to trust with your heating services than Metzger’s.

Maintenance solutions

Once we’ve found the heating solution that best serves your home or business, we don’t leave you to manage your heating alone. Should any problems arise, Metzger’s can offer a heating services for maintenance and repair of your unit, to make sure there’s no down time in your winter heating. With a 24-hour emergency service, you can depend on Metzger’s to take care of you.

Licensed, experienced, and ready to help, Metzger’s Heating and Cooling is the provider of heating and cooling solutions that you can trust. Focused on giving every client the best experience possible, Metzger’s can help you stay warm this winter.

Furnace vs. Boiler: What’s the Difference?

While you’re sitting at home and trying to stay warm this winter, think of the wide variety of gas furnace and boiler heating units at Metzger’s Heating and Cooling. Both types of units can be used to keep your home comfortable, but how do you know which one works best for you? You may have heard a little bit about how each works, but the professionals at Metzger’s can give you the know-how to make the right decision when it comes to your home heating.

Furnaces heat air

A furnace system works in your home by heating air and using a blower motor to direct that heated air through air ducts throughout your home. Homes that have vents that you feel air coming out of are either run on electricity, natural gas, oil, or propane. They distribute warm air during winter through these ducts to keep the whole house heated. Furnaces generally cost less than boilers, but they are less efficient.

Boilers heat water

Boilers work to heat your home by first heating water until it is turned into steam or hot water, then distribute it into pipes throughout your home via radiators. Boilers can run on natural gas, oil, electricity, and even wood. Thanks to typically being more efficient, boilers use less fuel to heat your home, and in turn save you costs. They do not have filters that require replacement, so they require less maintenance, and make less noise as well. However, because of these advantages they are usually costlier than furnaces.

Every heating system has its ups and downs and needs to be properly maintenance to work efficiently. The professional’s at Metzger’s Heating and Cooling will give you the proper knowledge you need for taking care of your system and can perform quality maintenance whenever you need it. No matter what system ends up being best for your home, Metzger’s is here to help.

Save on Heating with a Programmable Thermostat

With cold weather comes an increase in your heating bill, and Metzger’s is here to give you the cost-saving solution you need with a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats may be used for basic temperature control, but they may also be set up to manage your indoor environment for different times of the day and different days of the week. No matter the outdoor conditions, your home can be the perfect temperature with a programmable thermostat.

From morning to night

Hour to hour programming on your thermostat can be one of the better ways to save yourself costs with heating this winter. Temperatures drop significantly during the early morning and late at night, so, with your programmable thermostat, you can heat your home specifically during these times to sleep comfortably and turn it down during the day while you’re away at work. By planning out the times that your heat is running, your home will be warmed when you need it, and your bill is guaranteed to lower throughout the colder months.

Options available

Metzger’s offers two different options for programmable thermostats to keep your home warm this winter. The Honeywell programmable thermostat has a 7-day, 5-2 day, 5-1-1 day, and 1-week version for your heating so you can get the exact setup that you need depending on your schedule. Metzger’s also offers a Bryant Evolution programmable thermostat which boasts an easy-to-use wall mounted panel and can work to make your home’s temperature, humidity, dehumidification, ventilation, and indoor air quality as best as possible. No matter which of the thermostats we provide you decide on, you know that your home will be heated efficiently and save you a noticeable amount on monthly bills.

As a member of multiple organizations stressing best ethical practices and certifications, you know you can trust Metzger’s with all your heating needs. Our installers and technicians will give you the professional experience that you’re looking for this winter season.

Invest in Trustworthy Heating with Reliable Commercial HVAC

As the weather finally drops and continues to get colder every week, your business needs the dependable heating of a quality commercial HVAC system. The experts at Metzger’s Heating and Cooling have years of experience in helping companies figure out how a heating system can best help a business based on their building layout. With this experience and quality Bryant commercial heating products, Metzger’s has the solutions you need.

The system that fits

With the efficient heating systems offered by Metzger’s Heating and Cooling, we can help you find the perfect one that best serves your space. With both gas and electric heating systems, Metzger’s can assist you in choosing the best system that meets your needs for type as well as size and cost. The quiet and sustainable systems you have to choose from can warm your business all while keeping costs low.

We keep providing

After you’ve chosen the right unit for your business, Metzger’s Heating and Cooling helps you to make sure everything is working as best as possible. We can provide the maintenance and service that your system might need, involving services anywhere from diagnostics, troubleshooting, repair services, regular maintenance, turnkey, upgrade, or even replacement services. With the skilled staff at Metzger’s, you know that after your system has been installed, we can take care of you for the long-haul and make sure that your commercial HVAC systems keeps your business warm throughout the winter season year after year.

Always ready to help

With a 24-hour emergency line, Metzger’s can be at your business in the greater Kalamazoo area at a moment’s notice. We ensure that there is as little downtime as possible to reduce any costs or damages the might otherwise occur. You can trust our technicians to find the source of the problem and fix it within an acceptable timeframe.

Metzger’s Heating and Cooling has installed many systems throughout the greater Kalamazoo area over many years, meaning we can find the unique heating and cooling solutions to fit your needs. As an accredited business with experienced staff, you know that Metzger’s has the answers for you.

Fall and Winter Demand an Efficient Gas Furnace

Here at Metzger’s we know heating and cooling, and this fall and winter, you can give yourself the heating you need with a quality gas furnace. The Preferred™ Series multi-speed 80% efficiency gas furnace from Metzger’s provides your home with a dependable heat source that will last you for years to come. The heaters by Bryant provided by Metzger’s are affordable and efficient, keeping you warm all through the harsh temperatures of fall and winter.

Guaranteed efficiency

The Preferred™ Series Multi-Speed 80% Efficiency Gas Furnace from Bryant that we sell gives you an efficiency range of 80 to 84.9% AFUE. The gas efficiency it provides saves you money while keeping your home in a comfortable temperature range, so you and your family can stay cozy the entire holiday season. It is even capable of a Hybrid Heat® system, meaning it is capable of gas furnace/heat pump system combinations to give you the best efficiency possible. Bryant’s products are the best in the business, and we at Metzger’s are proud to offer the Preferred™ Series Multi-Speed 80% Efficiency Gas Furnace.

Metzger’s works with you

When you decide that you need a new heating unit for your home, the professionals at Metzger’s can help you make informed decisions on how to heat your home. Based on the size of your home, its basic layout, and more, the experts at Metzger’s can help by recommending the correct size of furnace for your home, making sure your home gets the right amount of heating without it costing you too much. And, if you’re unsatisfied with your installation, Metzger’s will come and uninstall the system for you as well.

With years of experience installing heating and cooling systems in the greater Kalamazoo area, Metzger’s has built a reputation that you can trust. Our trained, certified technicians offer you an easy installation and quality service every time.

Get a Head Start on the Cold by Installing a Boiler in Kalamazoo

If you need a consistent, efficient, and dependable way to bring warmth into your home or business, then a boiler in Kalamazoo with Metzger’s heating and cooling is a great choice for you. With the professionals at Metzger’s, if you’re in the Kalamazoo area and looking for a new boiler, boiler repair, or boiler installation, we’ve got you covered.

A simple job

With the professionals at Metzger’s Heating and Cooling, your boiler installation is easier than ever. The Bryant boilers that we sell are compact, so they are easier to fit where you need them to. This coupled with the knowledge of our professional staff means that your boiler can be installed with ease.

Install your preference

At Metzger’s, we like to give our clients their ideal heating and cooling systems. We offer a variety of boilers, including gas boilers, oil-fired boilers, steam boilers, hot water boilers, and electric boilers. If you are unsure as to which will benefit your home the most, the experts at Metzger’s Heating and Cooling can help recommend one based on the layout of your house, and your preferences. After recommending the best boiler for you, we can then help you quickly deal with installation.

Professional services

Despite the dependable service our boilers will provide, we know that, over time, everything eventually gets worn down and needs maintenance. During these times, you can depend on Metzger’s to give your boiler the professional service that it needs to get it back in working order. With a 24-hour emergency service, you can be sure that your home will always be kept at comfortable temperatures.

As the leading heating and cooling professionals in the greater Kalamazoo area, we have helped numerous clients over the years to ensure their home is kept at the temperatures they need. With quality services and highly-trained staff, there’s no better in the business in heating and cooling to provide care for your home.

Cool Down with Legacy™ Line Air Conditioner Systems

Now that summer has arrived, you’ve probably been feeling the heat and humidity more than ever, and it’s time to get yourself an air conditioning system. With the Legacy™ Line air conditioner unit and Metzger’s professional installation services, you can cool off and live in comfort. You know that when you buy from Metzger’s, you get the quality product that you need to keep you at a decent temperature.

Built to last

The Legacy™ Line air conditioning unit is made with only the strongest materials so you know that your unit will last you for years to come. Made with a galvanized steel cabinet with “coil on top” design, your Legacy™ Line air conditioning unit has the durability to stand up to the elements of the outdoors. The solid cabinet base of the Legacy™ Line air conditioning unit helps to prevent infiltration of dirt, debris, and moisture, so you know that all parts of your unit are protected.

Ease of mind

Our Legacy™ Line air conditioning units each come with a 10-year parts limited warranty upon registration for one. Even if you don’t register your unit with us within 90 days, your Legacy™ Line air conditioning unit will have a 5-year warranty. No matter what, your unit is protected with Metzger’s, giving you peace of mind that your unit will keep you cool for a long time.

Affordable financing for all families

We at Metzger’s understand that your family may have a strict budget, and that shouldn’t be any reason for a family to not be able to have air conditioning for their home. We have designed conditioning systems for all types of families with a budget and can get you a free quote whenever you are interested!

With a long history of experience bringing HVAC solutions to families and businesses, Metzger’s is ready to help you with any heating and cooling needs. Our multiple certifications and quality staff ensure that there’s no better place for your HVAC systems.

Chill Out this Summer with Geothermal Energy

Summers can get hot, and geothermal energy is a great solution to help you beat the heat. Instead of cranking up your air conditioning and causing your energy bill to exponentially rise, you could instead cool down with geothermal energy, a great alternative to traditional house heating and cooling methods.

A great investment

Despite the up-front cost of installing a geothermal energy system, over time you will end up saving yourself a lot of money and, in turn, a lot of stress due to high energy costs. Geothermal heating and cooling is incredibly efficient and can save you up to 80% on your home heating and cooling bills. So, even though the initial installation might be more than sticking with your old heating/cooling system, a geothermal system is a great investment that over time will save you money, so you can save and spend more where you want to.

Help the environment

When you invest in a geothermal energy system, you’re also investing in a clean, environmentally friendly energy source. Using the already present thermal energy of the earth, a geothermal energy system takes that energy and disperses it throughout your home, either heating or cooling it. Rather than using electricity, wood, or another source that leaves a larger carbon footprint, your geothermal energy system will create the same effect with less impact on the environment.

Options for you

If you think that a geothermal energy system may be the right choice for you, then there are options that you can choose from for installation depending on the property that you have to work with at your home. Have many acres? Then the horizontal loop system is the one for you. Is there a pond near your home? Then the pond loop will do the job. These systems and more are available to make sure you get the energy system you need in the most efficient way.

With years of experience installing different types of energy systems throughout the greater Kalamazoo area, Metzger’s Heating and Cooling is the reputable company you need. With a well-trained staff, you will receive high-quality service with every project.

Shedding Pets Call for Air Purifiers

Now that warmer weather is here, allergens are filling the air, and without an air purifier to help keep your air clean, this summer may be rough on you and your sinuses. One major contributor to this in your home can be your pets and the fur and/or dander they shed. We love our furry friends, but as they lose their winter coats, we lose our ability to breathe normally. So, after brushing away the excess fur and dander, clear your home’s air with an air purifier from Metzger’s Heating and Cooling.

Efficiency is air purification

If you are purifying your air, you want it done effectively, and the air purifiers through Metzger’s will do the job. They can remove your pet’s dander as small as 0.01 microns, 18,000 times smaller than the head of a pin! With the options to install an air filter in a particular area or your entire house, your shedding pets are no match for the purification systems that Metzger’s has to offer.

HEPA purifiers do the job

If you want the best of the best in removing your pet’s dander from the air, then a High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting, or “HEPA” purifier is the one for you. They remove 99.7% of all particles greater than 0.3 micrometers in size, meaning your pet dander won’t be a problem again. HEPA filters are so strong they are often used in medical facilities and other places requiring high-efficiency purifiers, so, if you suffer from severe allergies, you can be sure to maintain the levels of clear air you need.

With Metzger’s Heating and Cooling, you can be sure that you will receive the necessary HVAC, air conditioning, boiler, and more. With years of experience installing systems to the greater Kalamazoo area, Metzger’s is ready and willing to help you with any of your heating and cooling needs.

Safety in Spring with a Carbon Monoxide Alarm

As the snow begins to recede and the urge to begin spring cleaning comes upon us, take the initiative to check your home protective electronics as well, like your carbon monoxide alarm. It can be hard to get the drive to check your HVAC units and keep up with maintenance on them, so why not use the energy of spring and get started now? Spring already fills us with the urge to get cleaning and fix up the things the grays of winter had us too worn-out to worry about, so make checking up on your HVAC units part of that routine and get your home fully-covered with a carbon monoxide alarm.

Loud and proud

Here at Metzger’s, we sell products that give you all the features you need. We are proud to sell Bryant products, because they are trustworthy and suitable for any size home. Their Preferred™ Series Carbon Monoxide Alarm efficiently monitors CO levels in your home. With a loud, audible alarm that reaches up to 85dB at 10 feet, you will be warned of any dangerous CO levels in your home at the loudest volume possible without the risk of causing damage to your hearing.

The power of dependability

When installing a carbon monoxide alarm, you want reliability, and, with Metzger’s, it’s a guarantee. The carbon monoxide alarms we sell plug into any standard electrical outlet, making it easy for you to plug your alarm in wherever necessary. If you are worried about carbon monoxide reaching dangerous levels during a power outage, don’t be. Our carbon monoxide alarms also provide protection with a rechargeable lithium ion batter that makes sure you stay protected no matter the status of your home’s power.

No matter the home HVAC system or home electronic device, Metzger’s is here to help. With a reputation for quality service, we want you to be happy with the work done from our very first visit. Call today to get started!

Tips For Lowering Your Heating Costs – Maximize Your Furnace Savings
p>Our current customers really love seeing the cost savings on their energy bills when they replace an old furnace with a new energy efficient one. Our trained technicians are adept at installing the furnace that is right for your home – not too big and not too small. Once you have the optimal furnace installed, follow these 3 simple tips to maximize your savings.

Keep Warm Air Down With Ceiling Fans. Many of our clients enjoy the energy savings of a ceiling fan year-round. Our comfortable spring and fall weather here in Michigan means that you don’t always need to run the AC. Ceiling fans are great for circulating cool air in that scenario. In the winter months, a ceiling fan will send the warm air that floats at the top strata of your rooms back down to floor level. Make sure you have your fan set to run counter-clockwise in the summer, and clockwise in the winter.

Keep You Furnace Clean For Efficiency. From car engines to water softeners, we all know that machinery is more efficient when it’s clean. Keeping a furnace clean helps you to have the most energy efficient heat source possible. Clogged ductwork blocked with built up dust and matted pet hair is another obstacle between you and the warm air you’re paying to heat your living spaces.

Think Layers For Your Wardrobe. We install furnaces that keep your home warm and cozy, but the ideal temperature for warm and cozy is up to you. You might want to try living with the thermostat turned down one to two degrees and see if you still feel comfortable. It may take a day or two for your body to adjust, but you might just find that you are fine at a lower temperature.

Not sure your furnace is the right size? Noticing your home isn’t quite warm enough? Call us today to have one of our technicians offer their professional advice!

Understanding the Unique Needs of Your Commercial HVAC System

Your commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) needs are very different from residential needs. Commercial locations require larger and more complex HVAC systems that also require a specially qualified professional to design, install, and maintain them. The professionals at Metzger’s understand how to balance comfort and air quality for an efficient HVAC system.

The greater size environments that commercial systems need to manage mean that your commercial HVAC system will also be larger and more complex. Larger units are usually built to function outdoors and even on rooftops. These systems are more modular than residential systems, and can grow with your business.

There will be special considerations depending on the type of business you are designing for. If you need a sterile environment, or if temperatures must be kept within tight parameters, that will need to be worked into your commercial designs. Our HVAC specialists can heat and cool your commercial environment to a variety of specs.

Optimize Your Commercial HVAC. Our experts can recommend options for your system such as air purifiers, automated controls and smart thermostats. Beyond heating and cooling, you want to make sure your air quality meets high standards, and humidifiers, air purifiers, and proper maintenance are key components. Automated controls and smart thermostats make controlling your heating and cooling adjustable from a phone or other portable device. Easily programable, you can make changes at a moment’s notice.

Metzger’s has been recognized by Bryant for our work on commercial and residential heating and cooling systems. Whether you need heat pumps, a split system, run on either gas or electric, we can make sure you have a system that is optimized for your environment. As a Bryant factory authorized dealer, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us to discuss your commercial or residential HVAC system today.

Smart Thermostats Really Do Make Your Home or Business More Efficient and More Comfortable

Programmable thermostats started as an easy way to save money on energy bills. The Bryant Evolution Control thermostat has gone several steps further, allowing you to experience a multitude of ways to be more comfortable in your home or business.

The early thermostats were a valuable beginning to systematically controlling when our furnaces and boilers were firing up and running. Early thinking had us breaking up our days to consider when we needed heat and when we could turn the thermostats down or up to save energy when homes and businesses aren’t occupied. Many differentiated between weekdays and the weekend as well. As consumers we benefitted from these new options, but ran into problems as well. Early systems could be frustrating to program. If your week wasn’t broken up between Monday – Friday and Saturday – Sunday, you had to miss out on that functionality. And changing the programming for vacations was a bit of a chore.

Bryant listened to customer concerns on these issues, and designed the Bryant Evolution Control thermostat. Going beyond the heating and cooling units, their new control also handles humidity, UV lights, and the ventilator – it will even tell you when to change your media filter. Most importantly, the unit is easy to use by all family or staff members. It’s capable of being programmed for full seven day a week flexibility to meet your schedule. The touch screen is easy to use for vacations, whether you’ll be home or away.

As our expectations for home and business heating, cooling, and humidity have changed, so has the flexibility of a Bryant thermostat. Dial in the control so that your comfort needs are easily met. Save money with efficient operation easily, and have the flexibility to make changes instantaneously. Call one of our Bryant Certified technicians to learn more about these features.

Home Humidifiers Help You And Your Home Stay Healthier

Don’t forget your home humidifier when you’re thinking about your winter heating needs. Not only does keeping your indoor humidity between 30 - 50% protect your home, it protects your health, and even helps you feel warmer at lower temperatures. We’re here to help you understand the benefits of a home humidifier:

Home Humidity Helps With Home Health. When your humidity drops too low moisture is pulled out of hardwood floors, woodwork, and furniture. If you’ve noticed that your hardwood flooring is suddenly creaking louder, that’s not just a side effect of Halloween, it’s the effect of indoor humidity dropping. If you’ve got a musician in the house, wooden instruments will sound different too, and can even change shape and crack. Wooden frames on doors and cupboards can change shape and get harder to open and close. There will also be a buildup of static electricity. You’ll notice this most on your laundry sticking together, or getting a shock from a doorknob. Although these are minor, static electricity has been known to build up and cause damage when dissipated to an electrical appliance.

Home Humidity Helps With Human Health. If low humidity is drying out your furniture, imagine what it’s doing to you. Dry skin is usually mirrored in your sinuses. When home humidity gets too low you can see an uptick in sore throats and nose bleeds. Humidity actually helps your respiratory system work better by maintaining moisture levels in your throat and nose. Stronger respiratory systems are better able to fight airborne illnesses.

Home Humidity Helps Keep Your Home Homey. Believe it or not, when your ambient humidity is too low it effects how you perceive the temperature of your home. By keeping your humidity in the optimal range, you’ll be able to lower your thermostat and save energy. So not only are you more comfortable when you’re relaxing at home, you’re more comfortable when you’re paying the bills for your home.

Our expert technicians can install a whole home humidifier that works with your existing forced air furnace, or we can help you with a ductless system. Contact us today to discuss which system is right for you.

Prepare For Fall With Annual Boiler Maintenance

When the trees start to change, we all know colder weather is on its way. Many homeowners know to prepare their forced air furnaces by changing air filters and cleaning out duct work, but less know that your home or industrial boiler should have some annual boiler maintenance as well. Dealing with water loss, checking the viability of the different components, even reviewing your thermostats and CO alarms will have you ready for the cozy days ahead. Review the following actions and call Metzger’s for help.

In a perfect world... your closed system boiler wouldn’t experience water loss. Of course, in older homes (and even in some newer ones) there are micro openings in the system that can allow steam and water to escape. When untreated water is added to the system it can lead to mineral build up. Occasionally draining and flushing the system is a common-sense maintenance item that adds to the long-term life of your boiler.

Testing the various components of your boiler is also on the annual maintenance checklist. Crank up the thermostat and run your boiler through its paces to make sure all of the different parts are working seamlessly and ready to keep you warm. If the water sensor stops working you may end up with too much water in the system, or not enough. It goes without saying, each link in the chain is essential to the proper working order of your boiler.

Don’t forget the thermostats and CO alarms. Though small, these external devices are your daily connections to your boiler. Review the settings you have in place on your thermostat, keeping in mind which times of day you want the temperature to change and which days of the week need to be different. For both the thermostat and the CO alarm you need to check the batteries and strongly consider changing them.

Schedule an appointment for annual boiler maintenance before the snow flies. When you schedule now, your boiler maintenance doesn’t turn into an after hours emergency call, and all you have to worry about is finding your flannel and cocoa mix.

Air Conditioner Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

While it’s important to have a trusted central air conditioning expert in Kalamazoo you can trust to call if there is maintenance needed on your unit, you should also keep up on maintenance you can do yourself. Regular maintenance is a key component to ensuring your air conditioner is working effectively and efficiently throughout the summer. While most maintenance needs should be left to the experts, there are a few things you can do yourself. In this post, we will discuss three items you want to be sure you’re taking care of.

  1. Remove debris

It’s important to make sure there are not branches, leaves and other debris on top of in, or around your unit. Do a visual check every so often to make sure that none have accumulated. If air is being blocked or impeded it could mean less efficiency and higher cooling costs.

  1. Check your air filter

From our experience, homeowners typically do not change their air filter often enough. A high quality air filter changed as the manufacturer recommends can make a world of difference in air conditioning efficiency. You should always check your air filter before the recommended change date if you have pets, as the filter may need to be changed more often.

  1. Clean the fins on your unit

Every now and then you should clean the fins on your unit. This can be accomplished easily with a heavy stream from your hose.

At Metzger’s Heating and Cooling, we are the premier air conditioning experts in Kalamazoo, having installed and maintained hundreds of air conditioning systems throughout the area. Do not hesitate to call us today with any questions you may have about your heating and cooling needs. We’re here to help!

Three Common Home Cooling Myths

Fans reduce a room’s temperature

Fans do not make the air cooler in the room, they just make you feel cooler if they’re blowing on you and lowering your body’s temperature. Many people leave the fan on in rooms they are not in because they have been told that the moving air is making the room cooler, when really, it’s just using energy unnecessarily. It is true, however, that if the outside air temperature is lower than inside a fan blowing the cool air in can reduce the room’s temperature.

The bigger the air conditioner, the better the cooling

The more hot and humid it gets, the longer it takes to cool your home. Some people attribute this to needing a more powerful unit, but that’s not always the problem. You have to make sure you’re regularly maintaining your air conditioning unit and getting it serviced if it’s not performing like you think it should. Also make sure that the cooled air isn’t escaping your home through cracks or gaps.

An air conditioner only works to reduce air temperature

Of course an air conditioner brings down the temperature in the home, but it also removes humidity from the air which is why it can feel much cooler in a home that’s the same temperature as the outside or even warmer than the outside.

At Metzger’s Heating & Cooling, we are the premier central air conditioning experts in Kalamazoo. If you would like to replace or install a new central air conditioning system, do not hesitate to contact us today.

What to Expect When You Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced

With winter slowly melting away, a working air conditioner is a must. There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night, sweating bullets and listening to the utter silence that is the result of a malfunctioning air conditioning unit. If you, like many people, have come to rely on your air conditioner to keep you cool and comfortable during the warm summer months, then an occasional A/C tune-up is a must. In this post, we’re going to look at a few things that you can expect when you have your air conditioner serviced.

System control checks

The first thing that your air conditioning technician will check is whether or not your system is properly responding. By inspecting the thermostat to confirm that your system is keeping your home at the correct temperature, the technician is ensuring that your system is properly configured and ready to use.

Electrical component checks

Loose electrical connections are never a good thing. Besides being a safety issue, they can cause your A/C system to run inefficiently. Replacing stripped components and tightening loose ones ensures a safe, fully operational system.

Lubricate moving parts

Motors, compressors and fans are constantly in motion when your air conditioning is turned on. Over time, the lubrication that keeps them moving can evaporate, causing unwanted friction that damages the parts. Lubricating these parts ensures the long term health of your A/C unit.
Clean the coils

Indoor evaporator coils and outdoor condenser coils are the true heroes of your air conditioning system. When properly maintained and clean, they help to transfer indoor heat outdoors. Reducing the amount of dirt, dust and other buildup on these coils leads to a more efficient system and lower cooling bills.

Maintain refrigerant levels

Without refrigerant, your air conditioner simply can’t cool your home. Worse, low refrigerant levels can irreparably damage your system. By maintaining the proper levels, your technician ensures that your air conditioning system will run smoothly and, more importantly, stay in good shape.

At Metzger’s Heating & Cooling, we service all of the most popular air conditioner brands: Bryant, Carrier, Lennox, Trane and more. Our courteous and professional staff will perform a thorough tune-up, checking to make sure that your air conditioner is up to the task of cooling your home for another summer. If you’re concerned about your A/C system or simply want advice on how to best care for it, call us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable associates.

Combat Your Springtime Allergies with Air Purifiers and Air Filters From Metzger’s Heating & Cooling

Spring is usually the worst time for allergy sufferers – whether it’s pollen, dust, pet dander, mold or anything else – air purifiers and air filters can make all of the difference in the world for those affected. There are many different options for improving the quality of air in your home and combating allergies, including home HEPA air purifiers, HEPA filters, whole home air filters, and air ionizers.

Air cleaners can be very effective in removing allergy irritants that are as small as .01 microns from your home’s air. To put the size into perspective, that’s 18,000 times smaller than the head of a pin! Air cleaners are rated based on Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) – the high the number, the more efficient the air cleaner is at removing pollutants like bacteria, mold, and pet dander. Our Air cleaners range from MERV 10 to MERV 15. However, if your family has relatively severe allergies or asthma, your best bet is likely our Whole House High Efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA) filtration systems.

HEPA air purifiers work differently than air cleaners. They remove almost 100% of pollutants that are larger than .3 micrometers. Unlike air cleaners HEPA air purifiers don’t just block large particles from coming through – they also have minute strands that the tiniest particles will cling to as they move through the purifier.

Air ionizers actually distribute ions with a negative electrical charge into your home. This is because the pollutants that are causing your allergy symptoms have a positive electrical charge and, well, opposites attract. Once the ions and the pollutants combine, they actually fall out of the air.

At Metzger’s Heating & Cooling, we have seen firsthand how the right air purifier or air filter can improve our customer’s quality of life. Do not hesitate to contact us today if your family is suffering from springtime allergies!

Five Ways to Cut Down on Air Conditioning Costs This Summer
  1. Check your house

The best thing you can do is have a professional energy audit of your home – sometimes utility companies will even perform this service for free. If you cannot get an audit performed by a professional, you can do an amateur audit yourself. Go outside and check along windows and doors to see if there is cold air leaking out from inside. If you find leaks – seal them.

  1. Review thermostat placement

You want your thermostat to be in the main area of your home and out of the way of direct sunlight. If the sun is shining in on your thermostat, your AC is probably blowing more often than it needs to.

  1. Block the sun

Make sure to keep your blinds and curtains closed when the hot sun is shining through the window. If you don’t need any light, you can also put up room darkening curtains for extra blockage.

  1. Utilize fans

Ceiling fans in particular can help a room feel up to 10 degrees cooler without running an AC unit while using substantially less energy. Portable fans can also be used to circulate air and cool down people in their homes.

  1. Increase the set temperature

There is a false notion that it makes sense to leave the thermostat set to the temp you enjoy while home even when you’re away. People believe that the energy it takes to start up the AC and cool the house back down negates any savings created by keeping it cool throughout the day and night. The fact is that air conditioning units run with the most efficiency when on for longer durations. The easiest way to see energy savings is to use a programmable thermostat that increases the temperature when your home is not occupied and kicks it on right before you return home.

At Metzger’s Heating & Cooling in Kalamazoo, air conditioning is one of our many specialties.

Four Tasks to Perform Before Turning Your Furnace Off in the Spring

Keeping a maintenance schedule for your air conditioner, furnace, and other HVAC equipment is an important part of keeping everything in working order. In this post, we will look at five tasks you should perform before you turn off your furnace for the spring and summer.

  1. Look over electrical connections

If you notice any fraying, loose wires, or anything disconnected, you should call an HVAC professional to come over and take a closer look. Do not attempt to handle or repair electrical components on your HVAC equipment yourself.

  1. Clean your unit

Many homeowners do not clean their unit often enough. Your HVAC unit should be cleaned inside and out at least three times a year. However, it is particularly important to before changing from heating to cooling. Not only can unwanted debris cause mechanical malfunctions, they can even potentially start a fire.

  1. Check/inspect filters

Your filters should be checked fairly and changed on a schedule. If you filter is past its prime and is damaged or clogged, it will greatly reduce your unit’s efficiency. Not only is this not economically smart, it also puts stress on your unit as it’s trying to compensate for the lack of airflow.

  1. Call Metzger’s

If you don’t have the time or ability to look over your unit or you have an inkling that there’s something wrong with your unit, set up an appointment with an experienced technician at Metzger’s Heating & Cooling in Kalamazoo. It’s extremely important to get ahead of a potential problem before it causes serious damage to your equipment.

Four Tips to Ensure Your Heat Pumps Works Throughout Winter

Some winters are longer than others in Michigan, but no one wants to get partway through the winter season and have their heat pump go out. All it takes is a little preventative maintenance to ensure your family stays warm and cozy all winter long. Besides ensuring the heat pump continues to work, you also are ensuring your indoor air is more healthy and clean and saving money on utility costs. In this post, you will find four tips to ensure your heat pump works throughout the winter.

  1. Remove vegetation near units

Be sure to remove any vegetation that is growing and any branches that have fallen from near your heat pump. These plants and branches can get caught in the fan of the heat pump and cause strain and stress which may cause it to break down.

  1. Inspect wires and the air filter

If you’re not sure whether your air filter needs to be replaced – replace it. If you can’t remember the last time you put a new one in, it’s very likely that it’s time to replace it. When you replace the air filter make sure all of the wires and electrical connections are secure.

  1. Replace the batteries in your thermostat

Much like the air filter, if you can’t remember the last time you replaced the batteries in the thermostat, it’s probably time.

  1. Contact a professional

To be completely sure that your heat pump is ready for winter you should call Metzger’s Heating & Cooling and have a professional come and take a look. Metzger’s Heating & Cooling has been a trusted source for HVAC maintenance in Kalamazoo for many years. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to give us a call today.

Reasons to Consider Having a Bryant Boiler Installed This Winter

Many people are not aware that boilers are actually more efficient than forced air heating systems. Boilers are more efficient because they work by circulating hot water through your home’s walls, ceilings and floors. This method of spreading heat means higher efficiency than conventional forced air heating systems like furnaces. In this post, we will look at four reasons you may want to swap out your forced air heating system with a Bryant boiler this winter.

  1. Boilers don’t take up a lot of space

Regardless of the type of boiler – gas, steam, hot water, oil-fired, or electric – it’s very likely that they are significantly smaller than your existing heating equipment. Not only that, the actual water pipes are more narrow and thin than air ducts used in traditional furnace systems.

  1. Boilers, in many cases, are easier on the environment

If you elect to install an oil-fired boiler, you will be able to use biodiesel fuel to run it. Also, other boiler systems can be run on recycled material pellets.

  1. Boilers are easy to install

As long as your installation is done by an experienced and licensed professional, it’s a snap. At Metzger’s we actually handle all of the sourcing of materials and parts. All you have to do is let us know the model you would like and where you would like it installed.

  1. Boilers are virtually silent

One of the comments we hear the most from satisfied customers is that their boiler heating system makes no sounds. There’s no clicking when it’s turning on or off and no persistent humming while it’s in use.

At Metzger’s Heating & Cooling, we are proud to offer a wide range of Bryant boiler heating systems – along with that you have an experienced tech to turn to if you are ever in need of any repairs. If you have been considering having a boiler heating system installed or repaired, do not hesitate to contact us today!

Save Money This Winter with These 3 Energy Conservation Tips

Every year, as the temperatures start to dip, Michigan residents find that their electric and heating bills begin to rise. From adjusted thermostats and electric blankets to space heaters and water heaters, our homes’ amenities are designed to keep us warm, no matter the cost. But, how can you conserve energy and keep those costs down? How can you stay warm without going broke? While a little increase is unavoidable, there are a number of ways that you can ensure that you’re limiting your spending, conserving energy and still maintaining a warm, comfortable home.

Make sure your wood-burning fireplace has an airtight door

Wood-burning fireplaces are a good way to warm your living room, however, you risk losing more heat than you gain if they aren’t installed properly. Make sure that your fireplace has an airtight door to prevent both the escape of warm air and an influx of cold air.

Lower your thermostat’s settings by a few degrees

By gradually lowering your thermostat’s temperature settings by one or two degrees every day, you can easily acclimate to a cooler inside temperature. You might even consider a programmable digital thermostat to make this transition even easier!

Make sure your air vents are clear

If you’re blocking your home’s vents with furniture or drapes, you’re literally throwing your money away. This leads to cold – and hot – spots in your home and unnecessary energy expenditures, as that air needs to be recirculated to bring the room to temperature.

At Metzger’s Heating & Cooling, we offer a wide range of products and services that aim to help you save money, all while keeping your home comfortable. Whether you’re looking to cut your winter energy costs or you’re interested in exploring new heating and cooling options, our experts have the answers that you need! To learn more about the products that we carry, have a look at our website and if you have any questions, we’re always glad to help.

Four Ways You Can Prepare Your Heating System for Winter

Fall is a time that homeowners often look forward to because energy costs are low. It’s cool enough that air conditioning isn’t needed and warm enough to avoid turning on the heat. It’s also a great time to prepare heating systems for winter as well as making sure heating systems are run as efficiently as possible. In this post, we will look at five things you can do to prepare your heating system for the cold winter months and hopefully save yourself some money in the process.

  1. Inspect your filters

Filters that are covered with dirt and other debris cut down airflow in your heating system. When filters are properly maintained or changed when they get clogged it puts less stress on the heating system. This means that clean filters allow the heating system to work less hard which saved money on energy as well as putting less strain on internal components of the system.

  1. Effectively program your thermostat

When homeowners switch from a standard thermostat to a programmable one that can lower temperatures when they’re not home or when they’re sleeping, they can expect to see up to 15% in savings.

  1. Upgrade your equipment

If it’s been awhile since you have upgraded for system, ten years or more, consider upgrading to a newer model that is more efficient. Furnaces like Bryant Evolution gas furnace from Metzger’s Heating & Cooling have efficiency of 90%.

  1. Reverse the direction of your ceiling fan

This is one that not many people know about or consider. In the winter you should make sure your ceiling fan is spinning clockwise at a low speed. Heat rises and this method pulls cool air to the top and pushes the warmer air near the ceiling down along the walls to the floor. This method has been proven to save up to 15% on winter heating bills.


What is Geothermal Energy, and What are the Benefits?

Geothermal energy is a natural energy that comes from the hot rocks inside the earth, deep below the surface. To harness this energy, two holes are dug into the ground, one for water to be pumped through. As the water passes the hot rocks, it is transformed to steam, which comes out of the second hole and aids in producing electricity. The heat exchanger only uses electricity to move the heat, not produce it.

In Michigan, the temperature in the earth just a few feet below the surface remains at a 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit. So in winter, geothermal energy can be used to heat as the earth temperature is warmer than the air, and in the summer geothermal energy can be used to cool as the earth temperature is colder than the air. To switch from heating to cooling, all you have to do is reverse the flow and temperature compression.

Benefits of Utilizing Geothermal Energy

  • The energy is renewable and sustainable, replenishing itself naturally. Plus, it’s not going to run out in any foreseeable future.
  • Reduce your footprint. Using geothermal energy is a clean and environmentally-friendly process. It does not create pollution.
  • According to the US Environment Protection Agency, the systems are “the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean, and cost-effective space conditioning systems available today.”
  • Save money on heating and cooling bills as geothermal energy is extremely efficient. Customers have reported saving about 80% on utility bills after installing a geothermal energy system.

Depending on your land, there are a few different options for geothermal energy systems. The traditional system is a horizontal loop which resides in trenches three to six feet deep and is a closed loop system. This system requires more space, however, so in limited spaces you would need a vertical loop: pipes are inserted in small holes 150 to 400 feet deep. For this, you will need a well-drilling rig. The third type of loop is a pond loop, where sealed spiral piping is actually submerged into the pond water instead of into the ground. And finally, if you have adequate quantity and quality, you can use a well water system which uses the supply of well water.

The only foreseeable downsides to choosing the geothermal energy system are that it may not be suitable for all locations and it can be more expensive for the initial cost than other heating and cooling systems—but in the long run it will save on costs. However, if you’re interested, give us a call so we can asses your particular land. Also give us a call to learn about saving up to 30% on a new system with a Federal Tax Credit!

We offer the Bryant Geothermal System as well as a full line of Bosch Geothermal and water furnace geothermal systems. Our staff are highly trained professionals and have earned a reputation for doing the job right the first time. Give us a call today at 269-385-3562.

Temperature Regulation in Vacant Homes is Extremely Important

Everyone knows that a lot of money can be saved by adjusting your thermostat when you’re going to be out of the house on a short vacation or trip. But what should you do if you’re going on an extended vacation or you have a secondary property that is vacant most of the time? In this post we will discuss what you should do that’s easier on your wallet and your property.

A common mistake that homeowners make is thinking they can set the thermostat above 80 degrees in the summer and below 55 degrees in the winter. When a home gets really hot and humid during summer months, the high temperature and humidity can warp wood, strip wallpaper off the wall, and cause various other problems. In the cold winter months, too low of a temperature can mean freezing pipes and damage due to condensation.

To ensure no damage is done to your home while still saving as much as you can on heating and cooling costs, you should upgrade to a smart thermostat. These thermostats can be controlled by your phone or computer wherever you are. You can check weather reports for your vacant home location and adjust accordingly. If humidity is low in the summer, you can set the thermostat a bit above what you normally would, for example.

Temperature regulation is the most effective way to protect your home and your wallet, but there some additional things you can do, as well. In the summer, you can invest in light-blocking blinds or curtains. In the winter, you should drain your plumbing system by shutting off the water and letting residual water come through your faucets.

At Metzger’s Heating & Cooling, we have installed and maintained many HVAC systems in the greater Kalamazoo area. We are bonded and insured and are very proud to be a local business in Southwest Michigan. If you have any questions about residential heating and cooling, give us a call today!

Three Ways to Reduce Air Conditioning Energy Costs

Already this summer we are seeing very high temperatures and high humidity. There is no better feeling than walking into your air-conditioned house from the sauna-like weather outside. You’re living in bliss until you realize your air conditioning unit has been running nbryanton-stop for hours. Once your first energy bill comes after a full month of summer heat, you realize you’re going to have to find a way to cut down the amount of work your air conditioning system is doing. In this post we will look at four ways to reduce your air conditioning energy costs.

1. Replace your filters

How often your air conditioning system filter should be changed depends on your filter style, and the amount of dust, pollen, and other debris in your home. The key is to check it regularly. A clogged air filter inhibits air flow and puts stress on your unit. Studies have shown that a clean filter as opposed to a blocked one can reduce your electric bill by ten percent.

2. Don’t turn it off

If you’re going to be out of the house for a few hours, you should raise your thermostat to 80 degrees – do not turn it off. Dropping the temp down to the mid-seventies from 80 doesn’t put too much stress on your air conditioning unit, but dropping it down for 90 will negate any savings you may have gotten from having it set so high.

3. Reduce solar influence

The hot afternoon sun can heat up a room in no time. Before you leave for the day, make sure all shades are drawn. You can even invest in solar blocking curtains for especially effected windows in your home. Doing this can reduce air conditioning costs by 30 percent.

At Metzger’s Heating & Cooling of Kalamazoo, we carry top-of-the-line air conditioning units. A properly working central air conditioning system can save you big on your energy bill while providing you with the comfort everyone desires for their home. If you have been considering having a central air conditioning system installed, contact us today!

Central Air Versus Window Units
With spring here and the warmer temps of summer of their way, it’s time to start thinking about air conditioning. There are essentially two basic options when it comes to air conditioning your home: window units or a centralized cooling system. Window units are wedged into an open window with the back end hanging out sucking in air from the outside, while central air units sit outside your home and are connected through pipes that run coolant from a condenser into an air handler usually located near the home’s heating system.

Central air system’s energy efficiency is most accurately measured by the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER), but we will stick to the general energy efficiency ratio (EER), because that is the only rating system for window units. Window units are less efficient by this metric. They are only required to achieve 9.4 to 10.7 to be Energy Star-certified, while the minimum EER for central air is 12. A big reason for window units having a lower rating is that they are much smaller appliances. It is difficult to fit the needed hardware into a smaller case. Central air systems can work at a range of speeds while window units are either on or off.

This makes a huge difference in energy use. An air conditioner’s function is not only lowering air temperature, but also removing moisture in the air. A window unit, which works at full speed or not at all, will drop a room’s temperature quickly because it is processing a small volume of air to an extremely cold state. A central air unit, which has varying speeds can have the same effect on air feel by conditioning a much larger volume of air, but cooling the air to a smaller degree. Because the central air unit is taking a lot more humidity out of the air, it can be set at a higher temperature and make you feel the same comfort in the room, even though technically it’s warmer.

At Metzger’s & Cooling of Kalamazoo, we carry the highest quality central air conditioner brands. A central air conditioning unit can truly improve your quality of life by increasing the comfort level in your home and increasing your energy efficiency, which saves you money. If you’ve been thinking about ditching the window unit and having a central air system installed, give us a call today!

stay cool this summer
After an unexpected second wind, it seems like winter is finally on its way out. And, with summer upon us, it’s time to start thinking about the best ways to keep your home cool and your electric bills low. Thankfully, the Department of Energy has put together a list of tips for homeowners that will protect their wallets and ensure they get the most out of their air conditioning. In this post, we’re going to look at five of these tips and discuss how the team at Metzger’s Heating & Cooling can help you have a cool, comfortable summer.

1. Check your thermostat

We’ve said it before but it bears repeating: when the temperature changes, always check your thermostat. To reduce your energy bills, try to set it to a temperature that is as close to the outdoor temperature as possible.

2. Don’t crank the AC

Cranking your air conditioning to a very low temperature when you first turn it on doesn’t actually help cool your home any faster, it just costs more money! The best thing to do is to dial in your desired temperature, set it and forget it.

3. Use an interior fan

Circulating cold air by using an interior fan will help to create a more even indoor temperature, resulting in less “adjustments” throughout the day as you move from room to room.

4. Keep your thermostat clear

Avoid placing appliances that give off heat near your thermostat, as they can interfere with its ability to read temperatures accurately.

5. Consider an upgrade

If you’re deeply concerned about energy efficiency, it might be time to consider upgrading your equipment. At Metzger’s Heating & Cooling, we offer a full line of Bryant air conditioners and back every sale with a 100% guarantee. If you’re unhappy, for any reason, will return to uninstall your new AC system for no charge. So, if you’re looking to stay cool this summer, contact us today to schedule a visit from the Metzger’s team!

air purifier

Air pollution isn’t just exhaust or smoke from factories. Pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and dust mites can cause serious problems if you, your family, or friends have allergies. HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting) air purifiers can help trap these pollutants and bring some allergy relief. We also have air ionizers. This system uses three steps that have shown a 99% germicidal effectiveness (inactivation) within 24 hours for viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

HEPA Filtration

HEPA filtration removes 99.7% of ALL particles greater than .3 micrometers in size. The filters have very small strands that the tiniest particles will stick to as they are moving through the house’s air filtration system. Using a HEPA filtration system in your home will remove most airborne particles which will help out a lot with your allergies. You also need to make sure you keep your home clean: vacuuming frequently, changing bedding frequently, and using plastic covers over mattresses and pillows.

Air Ionizer

We have found that the Bryant Perfect Air Purifier is one of the best ionizing air purifiers. How does an ion purifier work? The purifier uses precision point ionization to charge particles as they enter the purifier. Next, the specifically designed, continuously charged media captures the airborne particles. Finally, bacteria, viruses, and mold are killed and inactivated.

At Metzger’s Heating & Cooling of Kalamazoo, we believe your home should be a safe and comfortable place for you and your family. If you or your loved ones have allergies and have tried everything to find some relief to no avail, maybe a state-of-the-art air filtration system from Metzger’s Heating & Cooling is just what you need. Call us today and we will discuss what air filtration option is best for you and have your breathing easy in no time.

home humidifier in winter
Don’t forget your home humidifier when you’re thinking about your winter heating needs. Not only does keeping your indoor humidity between 30 – 50% protect your home, it protects your health, and even helps you feel warmer at lower temperatures. We’re here to help you understand the benefits of a home humidifier: Home Humidity Helps With Home Health. When your humidity drops too low moisture is pulled out of hardwood floors, woodwork, and furniture. If you’ve noticed that your hardwood flooring is suddenly creaking louder, that’s not just a side effect of Halloween, it’s the effect of indoor humidity dropping. If you’ve got a musician in the house, wooden instruments will sound different too, and can even change shape and crack. Wooden frames on doors and cupboards can change shape and get harder to open and close. There will also be a buildup of static electricity. You’ll notice this most on your laundry sticking together, or getting a shock from a doorknob. Although these are minor, static electricity has been known to build up and cause damage when dissipated to an electrical appliance. Home Humidity Helps With Human Health. If low humidity is drying out your furniture, imagine what it’s doing to you. Dry skin is usually mirrored in your sinuses. When home humidity gets too low you can see an uptick in sore throats and nose bleeds. Humidity actually helps your respiratory system work better by maintaining moisture levels in your throat and nose. Stronger respiratory systems are better able to fight airborne illnesses. Home Humidity Helps Keep Your Home Homey. Believe it or not, when your ambient humidity is too low it effects how you perceive the temperature of your home. By keeping your humidity in the optimal range, you’ll be able to lower your thermostat and save energy. So not only are you more comfortable when you’re relaxing at home, you’re more comfortable when you’re paying the bills for your home. Our expert technicians can install a whole home humidifier that works with your existing forced air furnace, or we can help you with a ductless system. Contact us today to discuss which system is right for you.
It’s that time of year again… we’ve pulled out our winter coats, adjusted our thermostats and settled in for a long, cold winter. Part of ensuring that your long-term settling is comfortable is taking care of your home’s HVAC maintenance. From changing the batteries in your thermostat to clearing dust from vents, there’s a whole laundry list of quick, at-home maintenance tasks that should be performed every year. While most of those are covered elsewhere, today, we’d like to look at a couple of the more critical items and, more importantly, a few simple tips that will make sure your home is ready for winter. Change your furnace filter When it comes to your furnace’s filter, it’s better to be safe than sorry. With new furnace filters costing very little when compared to the cost of a new furnace, now’s the time to consider replacing yours, regardless of whether you already did so last year. Sniff out telling smells Your sense of smell is one of the best tools available for diagnosing common HVAC problems. Do you smell a subtle hint of eggs? You may have a gas leak. By sniffing around your furnace room, you can discover – and correct – many simple issues. Call Metzger’s! If all else fails, call your friends at Metzger’s Heating & Cooling! Fully-licensed and insured, we’re prepared to handle all of your home’s HVAC maintenance needs. Whether it’s a replacement filter, electrical components or a brand new Bryant furnace, our team can help you get your home prepared for winter. At Metzger’s, we pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our customers’ needs and deliver the solution that will best address their concerns. If you’re concerned about this season’s cold weather and need some help getting your home’s HVAC system in shape, contact us today to schedule an inspection.
heat pumps
Before winter fully hits us, you should schedule some time to do a quick inspection of your home’s heat pump. With a little preventative maintenance, you can rest assured that your family will stay warm all winter long. In addition to that, you’ll ensure that your indoor air is cleaner and healthier, all while reducing your monthly utility costs. Today, we’re going to give you five tips that will help you get your heat pump prepared for winter. Clear vegetation from outdoor units Any plants growing on or near your heat pump should be removed, along with any fallen branches. This debris can get caught in your heat pump’s fan, leading to undue strain that could eventually cause your pump to break down. Inspect the air filter and electrical wires When it doubt, replace the air filter. If you can’t remember the last time your heat pump’s air filter was replaced, it’s probably time to consider it. While you’re doing that, be sure to double check that all of your heat pump’s electrical connections are secure. Check – and recheck – your thermostat Moving indoors, you should take a look at your thermostat’s settings. When the temperature changes, personal heating preferences also change. To save on heating bills, be sure to adjust your settings before the cold hits. Replace your thermostat’s batteries Just like your heat pump’s air filter, if you’re not sure when you last put new batteries in your thermostat, it’s best to replace them. There’s nothing worse than waking up ice cold, in the middle of the night because your thermostat’s batteries died. Call a professional! To be extra certain that your heat pump is prepared for winter, call the experts at Metzger’s Heating & Cooling. We’ve been Kalamazoo’s premier source for HVAC maintenance for years. With a professional, courteous staff and a commitment to providing the best service possible, we’re certain that we can put your mind at ease. If you’re concerned about the coming cold, give us a call and let us give your heat pump a good inspection.
With cold temperatures slowly becoming the norm, it’s obvious that the descent into winter has begun. Undoubtedly, this means that people are engaging in their traditional preparations: switching out their wardrobe, bringing patio furniture into their garage and covering up their outdoor grills. In addition to these yearly duties, it pays to get your HVAC system ready for winter, as well. Not only does this save you money on energy bills but it can ensure that your heating and cooling system is in peak condition and in good, working shape to get you through the winter. In this post, we’re going to give you five tips to help you prepare your HVAC system for winter. Check your filters Dirty filters can negatively impact the air flow in your heating system. Ensuring that your furnace is equipped with clean filters means that it doesn’t need to work as hard and, as a result, doesn’t put as much strain on its internal components. Upgrade your equipment If you’ve had your HVAC equipment for a long time – 10 years or more – you might consider upgrading to one of the newer, more energy efficient models. At Metzger’s Heating & Cooling, we recommend the Bryant Evolution gas furnace system due to its 90% efficiency. Program your thermostat Using a programmable thermostat, you can reduce your home’s heating bills up to 15%. By lowering the indoor temperature at night by 8 to 10 degrees, your equipment will last longer and, more importantly, you’ll see a noticeable drop in your bills. Reverse your ceiling fans Most people know that hot air rises. But, did you know that you can reverse the spin of your ceiling fans? By pushing heated air downward you can reduce strain on your HVAC system and cut costs by retaining more warm air. Call for an inspection At Metzger’s Heating & Cooling, we know that there’s no substitute for a professional opinion. If you’re concerned about your home’s HVAC system and want to ensure that it’s ready to stand up to the challenges of winter, call one of our experts today and let us put your mind at ease!
More efficient than forced air heating systems, boilers work by circulating hot water through your home’s floors, ceilings and walls. Because of the way that they spread heat, they are more efficient than furnaces and other traditional forced air heating systems. With winter fast approaching, now is the time to consider a boiler installation in your home and, while the decision can be difficult, the professionals at Metzger’s Heating & Cooling can help you make the right choice. Today, we’d like to look at five of the major advantages that home heating boilers offer. Boilers are small Whether it’s a gas boiler, steam boiler, hot water boiler, oil-fired boiler or electric boiler, chances are it’s much, much smaller than your existing equipment. Furthermore, the water pipes are slimmer and narrower than the air ducts used by most forced heating systems. They are better for the environment With oil-fired boilers able to be run on biodiesel fuel and other systems capable of running on pellets created with recycled materials, boilers are the leading choice for anyone looking heat their home in an environmentally friendly way. Boilers are a snap to install Boilers are very easy to install, especially for the experienced technicians at Metzger’s Heating & Cooling. We handle all of the sourcing of parts and materials, you just let us know what model you’d like and where you’d like to position it. They have lower operating costs Other heating systems utilize ceramic or metal parts than can be expensive to replace ore replenish. With an average savings of roughly $350 per year, our boiler installations can save you big bucks over time. Home heating boilers are silent One of the most obvious, immediate benefits that homeowners notice is how quiet their new boiler heating system is. Without the perpetual thrumming of a forced air heating system, your home will be quiet, comfortable and, most important, warm! At Metzgers Heating & Cooling, we offer a full range of Bryant boiler installation and Bryant boiler repair. No matter what you’re looking for, we can handle it. If you’re confused about the options and can’t decide between hot water boilers, steam boilers, gas boilers or electric boilers, we’re happy to listen to your needs and help you understand which option is best for you. So, if you’re looking to stay warm this winter and save a little money on your monthly heating bills, call us today!
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It’s about that time in Michigan where we’re pulling our winter clothes out of the closet, piling extra blankets on top of the bed and firing up our furnaces. With cold weather rolling in, many homeowners are concerned about the added cost of heating their homes. On top of this, there’s always the worry that you’ll need an unexpected furnace repair or, even scarier, a complete replacement. In this post, we’re going to give you five tips to keep your winter heating bill down and ensure that your furnace is ready to tackle all of the challenges that the cold weather can throw at it. Install a programmable thermostat A good way to keep your bills low is to ensure that you aren’t using heat when you don’t need it. A Honeywell adjustable thermostat lets you easily create a heating schedule that will keep your home comfortable and your wallet happy. Seal up air leaks Reducing air leaks can save the typical household up to 10% on winter heating bills. By sealing exposed areas around the weather stripping on door frames, the gaps around pipes and the unfinished spaces in closets and crawlspaces you can make small repairs that add up to big savings. Try a portable thermostat A portable thermostat allows you to adjust your comfort level from anywhere in the house. Bryant’s Housewise thermostat is a Wi-Fi enabled device that will help you cut costs by reducing your reliance on your home heating system when you don’t need it. Of course, one of the best ways to reduce costs on your heating bill is to call a professional. At Metzger’s Heating & Cooling, our staff is trained to perform thorough, effective inspections that ensure that your furnace is running optimally. Whether we’re checking gas pressures, installing new air filters or helping to increase airflow, we’ll ensure that your furnace is in working order and ready to handle the rigors of winter. So if you’re concerned about your winter heating bill, call the experts at Metzger’s today and let us give you some peace of mind.
Heating Goes Digital with Bryant’s “Housewise” Wi-Fi Thermostat
Earlier this year, Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems introduced Housewise, a thermostat that leverages the power of smart devices and offers improved system energy efficiency. Aimed at homeowners looking for high-tech convenience, the Housewise thermostat features Wi-Fi connectivity and automatically adjusts to each home’s needs to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency. By using pre-programmed options, homeowners are able to manually adjust their home’s heating and cooling options much like a traditional thermostat. However, the real power of Housewise lies in a set of advanced features that are capable of automatically determining the optimal temperature for both comfort and energy savings. Additionally, the Housewise thermostat’s Wi-Fi capabilities allow homeowners to remotely access the thermostat from anywhere on the planet, using only their mobile phone or tablet. Metzger’s Heating & Cooling has been installing Bryant’s Housewise system since it was released in April of 2015. Designed to function flawlessly with your existing equipment, Housewise can be installed in any home and allows you to seamlessly update your home heating system with the latest smart controls. Having experienced firsthand the benefits of this incredible thermostat, we’re confident that it can satisfy the demands of the tech-savvy and the old-fashioned alike. After installation, we’ll take the time to walk you through the thermostat’s many options and teach you how to take advantage of its more advanced features. At Metzger’s Heating & Cooling, we’ve installed countless HVAC systems and solutions in the Kalamazoo area. Over the years, we’ve kept our eyes peeled for the “next big thing” that will change how we view the heating and cooling of our homes. We believe that Bryant’s Housewise thermostat system is poised to do just that. So, if you’re looking to bring your home’s heating system into the future, look no further than Metzger’s. Give us a call and let us walk you through the features of this amazing new thermostat!
Air Conditioner Repair
When warm weather rolls in, homeowners want to be certain that their air conditioner is up to the task of keeping them cool and comfortable. Nobody wants to flip that switch the first time only to hear a ghastly rattle, a high-pitched whine or worse… complete silence. In order to be certain that your family will have a pleasant summer while indoors, regular tests and checks are recommended throughout the year to ensure that your AC unit is functioning and prepared. In this post, we’re going to look at a few of the most common causes of air conditioner malfunction and, more importantly, how to prevent them. Mechanical failure If your air conditioner isn’t in optimal shape, several of its critical components can be negatively affected. If you find that your air conditioning unit is cycling on and off repeatedly, it is likely causing wear and tear to internal components that could lead to a serious malfunction. A good way to prevent your AC from turning on and off is to supplement it with ceiling or standing fans. By circulating air throughout your house, a fan will help your AC unit run more efficiently and reduce the stress placed on it. Lack of maintenance Just like your car, your air conditioner requires periodic tune-ups to ensure its long-term health. And, again, like a car, allowing these tune-ups to fall by the wayside can lead to a decrease in performance and, in some cases, a complete breakdown. To avoid this, it is important to check your air conditioner’s filters and coils for any dirt or buildup that could interfere with the unit’s compressor or fans. An easy way to be sure that you avoid AC problems come summer is to schedule a yearly tune-up at the tail end of winter or during the early spring. Thermostat issues Aside from the air conditioner parts, external devices such as faulty thermostats can be trouble. If it’s been a while since you last changed the batteries in your thermostat, you may consider doing so for a number of reasons. First, drained or depleted batteries can cause your thermostat to function improperly. Second, if your batteries die, you risk losing the settings that you have created to keep your home comfortable. At Metzger’s Heating & Cooling, we want everyone to have a pleasant – and cool – summer. With our affordable pricing and 100% satisfaction guarantee, we’re certain that you’ll rest easier knowing that your home’s AC is in working order.
Anyone who suffers from asthma or allergies knows: the air we breathe is a precious commodity. If you’ve experienced tightness in your lungs, coughing, sneezing or any other respiratory issues, you’ve no doubt considered purchasing an air purifier to help combat – or at least alleviate – these symptoms. Today, we’re going to look at a few key facts that may convince you to invest in an air purifying system. Reduce the amount of allergens in your home With fall and spring being the major seasons for allergies, it’s important to have a system in place to manage the amount of pollen, dust and dirt particles in your home. Placing an air purifier near your home’s frequently used entry points can essentially trap them, preventing them from spreading throughout your house and stop them from wreaking havoc on your eyes, throat and lungs. Stop pet dander in its tracks We all adore our pets, however, these lovable companions carry dander that can cause a whole host of issues. A pet’s urine, saliva and skin cells all contain pet dander, a leading cause of allergies among the U.S. population. By using a HEPA air purifier, not only will you cut down on the amount of pet dander in the air, you’ll reduce the odors caused by your furry friend. Put an end to annoying food odors Whether you’re a health-conscious fan of pan-cooked fish or a lover of deep fried comfort foods, you know that long after dinner is done, food odors can linger. And linger. And linger. To combat this, a highly-rated MERV air cleaner will help to purifier your home’s air, leaving your home feeling cleaner, fresher and more comfortable. At Metzger’s Heating & Cooling of Kalamazoo, we feel like that’s the bottom line. A home is designed to be a relaxing place. If you’ve got invisible, airborne particles threatening your comfort, you should consider the advantages of a HEPA air purifier. We can help you reduce the impact of your allergies, lessen the effects of the symptoms of asthma, decrease the annoyances of household odors and, perhaps most importantly… we can help to make your home more comfortable.
storm hvac
This past week the Kalamazoo area was hit with a major wind and thunderstorm with a tornado in the area. The first step in protecting your HVAC system during a storm is to protect your HVAC system before a storm. Typically, you know when a storm is coming, particularly if it’s a really bad one that could do a lot of damage. Lately in Southwestern Michigan, it seems like we’ve been having a couple of storms a week. Rain, wind, hail, and lightening are all factors that can damage your unit. Protect your unit this summer by following these tips: Prevent Against Flood Damage. Make sure that when your HVAC unit is installed, it is installed on a higher level, particularly if your area is prone to flooding (You can learn about floodwater heights in your area from the city’s building commission and in some cases online). If your HVAC unit is installed below the flood line, we can provide information about how to raise it. One more precaution to take is to make sure you have a sump pump installed which will automatically pump water out when the water reaches a certain level. Keep Your Yard Clean from Debris. One of the top two offenders of HVAC damage during a storm is debris that flies around in the strong winds (the other is hail). While you cannot protect your HVAC from something that may fly in from your neighbor’s yard, you can make sure the area around your HVAC unit is kept tidy. Prior to a storm, take your patio furniture inside to avoid hitting your HVAC (or creating other damage either to the furniture or house). Pick up the sticks and branches in your yard and make sure to check for dead branches in the trees that may easily come loose in the storm (and that may damage more than just your HVAC!) Do Not Use Your Unit During the Storm. Avoid electrical power surges (which can create massive damage in just a second) by turning off all heat and air conditioning at the thermostat. But even better yet is to switch off the circuit breaker that controls the units until after the storm is over. Cover and Secure the System. Make sure the HVAC system is anchored properly and consider covering the unit with a strong canvas tarp. You can also place hail guards over the more delicate parts of the unit. Inspect the Unit Before Turning it Back On. After the storm is over, go outside and inspect your unit before moving forward. Do not touch the unit if there are power lines down or near it. Make sure to clear out any debris, check for water around the unit, remove the cover, and change the air filter. If after a storm you do notice that your equipment has been damaged, please give us a call rather than risking injury to yourself or risking further damage to the unit. We’ve earned a reputation in the Kalamazoo area for doing the job right the first time, so you can rely on us to quickly get your unit operational again. This entry was posted in HVAC, Uncategorized and tagged hvac on June 25, 2015 by Mr. Metzger.
Bryant Air Conditioning
Bryant Air ConditioningWhat are you looking for in an air conditioner? Certainly you’re looking for an air conditioner big enough to cool your home efficiently, yet still economical enough to fit within your budget. So the first thing you should look for are the numbers. Take a typical two-story home with interior space of 3,000 square feet.The cooling capacity for air conditioners is measured in tons. One ton is equal to the amount of energy to melt a one-ton block of ice in 24 hours. In our climate for Southwest Michigan, house inspectors roughly estimate that it takes 700 to 1,000 square feet per ton cooling capacity to be adequate. So if you’re the owner of this typical home, you’re looking for a central air conditioner of approximately 3 to 4.3 tons cooling capacity. That’s a starting point, giving you a range of air conditioners that can adequately cool your home. The next number to look at is an air conditioner’s Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER number. The higher the SEER number, the higher the efficiency. As of 2006, a federal mandate required all new central air conditioning equipment be rated at least SEER-13, but current air conditioners can rate as high as 18, and some reach the low 20s. Consumers Energy has an online tool that can help you translate that rating into an estimated annual cost for running your air conditioner. It’s based on the likely amount you would use your air conditioning during the cooling season for this region. You enter in the square footage of your home, the current cost per kilowatt hour (kWh) that you can find on your energy bill, and the SEER ratings of the models you’re considering. Going back to our typical home with an electric rate of $0.13/kWh, purchasing a system with a SEER 13 rating will cost you $354 annually to run. If you choose an air conditioner with a SEER-16 rating, available in most of the central air conditioners Metzger’s Heating & Cooling offers from Bryant, the yearly cost estimate is $288. If you choose an air conditioner with a SEER-21 rating, available in Bryant’s top model of its Evolution line, the cost is $219. That’s a savings of $135, or a savings of $1,350 over 10 years. These numbers however, only get you into the ballpark. No one lives in a “typical” home. Even if your home has the same square footage, you also have to consider the energy efficiency of your home, including the amount of insulation you have, possible air leaks around windows and doors, and other conditions that affect energy use. Information on having a home energy audit done for your home is available through your power utility company, including eligibility for rebates when you improve your home’s energy efficiency. The cost of a new air conditioner is the final factor, but can often be the deciding one. If you look at not just the purchase cost, however, but the use cost and additional savings you can realize if you improve your home’s energy efficiency, a high-efficiency central air conditioners may indeed be the best buy. Contact us at Metzger’s Heating & Cooling today before the hot weather arrives in the Kalamazoo region. Let us help you determine the best cooling choices for your home.