Programmable thermostats started as an easy way to save money on energy bills. The Bryant Evolution Control thermostat has gone several steps further, allowing you to experience a multitude of ways to be more comfortable in your home or business.

The early thermostats were a valuable beginning to systematically controlling when our furnaces and boilers were firing up and running. Early thinking had us breaking up our days to consider when we needed heat and when we could turn the thermostats down or up to save energy when homes and businesses aren’t occupied. Many differentiated between weekdays and the weekend as well. As consumers we benefitted from these new options, but ran into problems as well. Early systems could be frustrating to program. If your week wasn’t broken up between Monday – Friday and Saturday – Sunday, you had to miss out on that functionality. And changing the programming for vacations was a bit of a chore.

Bryant listened to customer concerns on these issues, and designed the Bryant Evolution Control thermostat. Going beyond the heating and cooling units, their new control also handles humidity, UV lights, and the ventilator – it will even tell you when to change your media filter. Most importantly, the unit is easy to use by all family or staff members. It’s capable of being programmed for full seven day a week flexibility to meet your schedule. The touch screen is easy to use for vacations, whether you’ll be home or away.

As our expectations for home and business heating, cooling, and humidity have changed, so has the flexibility of a Bryant thermostat. Dial in the control so that your comfort needs are easily met. Save money with efficient operation easily, and have the flexibility to make changes instantaneously. Call one of our Bryant Certified technicians to learn more about these features.