As the snow begins to recede and the urge to begin spring cleaning comes upon us, take the initiative to check your home protective electronics as well, like your carbon monoxide alarm. It can be hard to get the drive to check your HVAC units and keep up with maintenance on them, so why not use the energy of spring and get started now? Spring already fills us with the urge to get cleaning and fix up the things the grays of winter had us too worn-out to worry about, so make checking up on your HVAC units part of that routine and get your home fully-covered with a carbon monoxide alarm.

Loud and proud

Here at Metzger’s, we sell products that give you all the features you need. We are proud to sell Bryant products, because they are trustworthy and suitable for any size home. Their Preferred™ Series Carbon Monoxide Alarm efficiently monitors CO levels in your home. With a loud, audible alarm that reaches up to 85dB at 10 feet, you will be warned of any dangerous CO levels in your home at the loudest volume possible without the risk of causing damage to your hearing.

The power of dependability

When installing a carbon monoxide alarm, you want reliability, and, with Metzger’s, it’s a guarantee. The carbon monoxide alarms we sell plug into any standard electrical outlet, making it easy for you to plug your alarm in wherever necessary. If you are worried about carbon monoxide reaching dangerous levels during a power outage, don’t be. Our carbon monoxide alarms also provide protection with a rechargeable lithium ion batter that makes sure you stay protected no matter the status of your home’s power.

No matter the home HVAC system or home electronic device, Metzger’s is here to help. With a reputation for quality service, we want you to be happy with the work done from our very first visit. Call today to get started!