While you’re sitting at home and trying to stay warm this winter, think of the wide variety of gas furnace and boiler heating units at Metzger’s Heating and Cooling. Both types of units can be used to keep your home comfortable, but how do you know which one works best for you? You may have heard a little bit about how each works, but the professionals at Metzger’s can give you the know-how to make the right decision when it comes to your home heating.

Furnaces heat air

A furnace system works in your home by heating air and using a blower motor to direct that heated air through air ducts throughout your home. Homes that have vents that you feel air coming out of are either run on electricity, natural gas, oil, or propane. They distribute warm air during winter through these ducts to keep the whole house heated. Furnaces generally cost less than boilers, but they are less efficient.

Boilers heat water

Boilers work to heat your home by first heating water until it is turned into steam or hot water, then distribute it into pipes throughout your home via radiators. Boilers can run on natural gas, oil, electricity, and even wood. Thanks to typically being more efficient, boilers use less fuel to heat your home, and in turn save you costs. They do not have filters that require replacement, so they require less maintenance, and make less noise as well. However, because of these advantages they are usually costlier than furnaces.

Every heating system has its ups and downs and needs to be properly maintenance to work efficiently. The professional’s at Metzger’s Heating and Cooling will give you the proper knowledge you need for taking care of your system and can perform quality maintenance whenever you need it. No matter what system ends up being best for your home, Metzger’s is here to help.