Earlier this year, Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems introduced Housewise, a thermostat that leverages the power of smart devices and offers improved system energy efficiency. Aimed at homeowners looking for high-tech convenience, the Housewise thermostat features Wi-Fi connectivity and automatically adjusts to each home’s needs to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency. By using pre-programmed options, homeowners are able to manually adjust their home’s heating and cooling options much like a traditional thermostat. However, the real power of Housewise lies in a set of advanced features that are capable of automatically determining the optimal temperature for both comfort and energy savings. Additionally, the Housewise thermostat’s Wi-Fi capabilities allow homeowners to remotely access the thermostat from anywhere on the planet, using only their mobile phone or tablet. Metzger’s Heating & Cooling has been installing Bryant’s Housewise system since it was released in April of 2015. Designed to function flawlessly with your existing equipment, Housewise can be installed in any home and allows you to seamlessly update your home heating system with the latest smart controls. Having experienced firsthand the benefits of this incredible thermostat, we’re confident that it can satisfy the demands of the tech-savvy and the old-fashioned alike. After installation, we’ll take the time to walk you through the thermostat’s many options and teach you how to take advantage of its more advanced features. At Metzger’s Heating & Cooling, we’ve installed countless HVAC systems and solutions in the Kalamazoo area. Over the years, we’ve kept our eyes peeled for the “next big thing” that will change how we view the heating and cooling of our homes. We believe that Bryant’s Housewise thermostat system is poised to do just that. So, if you’re looking to bring your home’s heating system into the future, look no further than Metzger’s. Give us a call and let us walk you through the features of this amazing new thermostat!