Keeping a maintenance schedule for your air conditioner, furnace, and other HVAC equipment is an important part of keeping everything in working order. In this post, we will look at five tasks you should perform before you turn off your furnace for the spring and summer.

  1. Look over electrical connections

If you notice any fraying, loose wires, or anything disconnected, you should call an HVAC professional to come over and take a closer look. Do not attempt to handle or repair electrical components on your HVAC equipment yourself.

  1. Clean your unit

Many homeowners do not clean their unit often enough. Your HVAC unit should be cleaned inside and out at least three times a year. However, it is particularly important to before changing from heating to cooling. Not only can unwanted debris cause mechanical malfunctions, they can even potentially start a fire.

  1. Check/inspect filters

Your filters should be checked fairly and changed on a schedule. If you filter is past its prime and is damaged or clogged, it will greatly reduce your unit’s efficiency. Not only is this not economically smart, it also puts stress on your unit as it’s trying to compensate for the lack of airflow.

  1. Call Metzger’s

If you don’t have the time or ability to look over your unit or you have an inkling that there’s something wrong with your unit, set up an appointment with an experienced technician at Metzger’s Heating & Cooling in Kalamazoo. It’s extremely important to get ahead of a potential problem before it causes serious damage to your equipment.