Fans reduce a room’s temperature

Fans do not make the air cooler in the room, they just make you feel cooler if they’re blowing on you and lowering your body’s temperature. Many people leave the fan on in rooms they are not in because they have been told that the moving air is making the room cooler, when really, it’s just using energy unnecessarily. It is true, however, that if the outside air temperature is lower than inside a fan blowing the cool air in can reduce the room’s temperature.

The bigger the air conditioner, the better the cooling

The more hot and humid it gets, the longer it takes to cool your home. Some people attribute this to needing a more powerful unit, but that’s not always the problem. You have to make sure you’re regularly maintaining your air conditioning unit and getting it serviced if it’s not performing like you think it should. Also make sure that the cooled air isn’t escaping your home through cracks or gaps.

An air conditioner only works to reduce air temperature

Of course an air conditioner brings down the temperature in the home, but it also removes humidity from the air which is why it can feel much cooler in a home that’s the same temperature as the outside or even warmer than the outside.

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