When the trees start to change, we all know colder weather is on its way. Many homeowners know to prepare their forced air furnaces by changing air filters and cleaning out duct work, but less know that your home or industrial boiler should have some annual boiler maintenance as well. Dealing with water loss, checking the viability of the different components, even reviewing your thermostats and CO alarms will have you ready for the cozy days ahead. Review the following actions and call Metzger’s for help.

In a perfect world... your closed system boiler wouldn’t experience water loss. Of course, in older homes (and even in some newer ones) there are micro openings in the system that can allow steam and water to escape. When untreated water is added to the system it can lead to mineral build up. Occasionally draining and flushing the system is a common-sense maintenance item that adds to the long-term life of your boiler.

Testing the various components of your boiler is also on the annual maintenance checklist. Crank up the thermostat and run your boiler through its paces to make sure all of the different parts are working seamlessly and ready to keep you warm. If the water sensor stops working you may end up with too much water in the system, or not enough. It goes without saying, each link in the chain is essential to the proper working order of your boiler.

Don’t forget the thermostats and CO alarms. Though small, these external devices are your daily connections to your boiler. Review the settings you have in place on your thermostat, keeping in mind which times of day you want the temperature to change and which days of the week need to be different. For both the thermostat and the CO alarm you need to check the batteries and strongly consider changing them.

Schedule an appointment for annual boiler maintenance before the snow flies. When you schedule now, your boiler maintenance doesn’t turn into an after hours emergency call, and all you have to worry about is finding your flannel and cocoa mix.