Don’t forget your home humidifier when you’re thinking about your winter heating needs. Not only does keeping your indoor humidity between 30 - 50% protect your home, it protects your health, and even helps you feel warmer at lower temperatures. We’re here to help you understand the benefits of a home humidifier:

Home Humidity Helps With Home Health. When your humidity drops too low moisture is pulled out of hardwood floors, woodwork, and furniture. If you’ve noticed that your hardwood flooring is suddenly creaking louder, that’s not just a side effect of Halloween, it’s the effect of indoor humidity dropping. If you’ve got a musician in the house, wooden instruments will sound different too, and can even change shape and crack. Wooden frames on doors and cupboards can change shape and get harder to open and close. There will also be a buildup of static electricity. You’ll notice this most on your laundry sticking together, or getting a shock from a doorknob. Although these are minor, static electricity has been known to build up and cause damage when dissipated to an electrical appliance.

Home Humidity Helps With Human Health. If low humidity is drying out your furniture, imagine what it’s doing to you. Dry skin is usually mirrored in your sinuses. When home humidity gets too low you can see an uptick in sore throats and nose bleeds. Humidity actually helps your respiratory system work better by maintaining moisture levels in your throat and nose. Stronger respiratory systems are better able to fight airborne illnesses.

Home Humidity Helps Keep Your Home Homey. Believe it or not, when your ambient humidity is too low it effects how you perceive the temperature of your home. By keeping your humidity in the optimal range, you’ll be able to lower your thermostat and save energy. So not only are you more comfortable when you’re relaxing at home, you’re more comfortable when you’re paying the bills for your home.

Our expert technicians can install a whole home humidifier that works with your existing forced air furnace, or we can help you with a ductless system. Contact us today to discuss which system is right for you.