p>Our current customers really love seeing the cost savings on their energy bills when they replace an old furnace with a new energy efficient one. Our trained technicians are adept at installing the furnace that is right for your home – not too big and not too small. Once you have the optimal furnace installed, follow these 3 simple tips to maximize your savings.

Keep Warm Air Down With Ceiling Fans. Many of our clients enjoy the energy savings of a ceiling fan year-round. Our comfortable spring and fall weather here in Michigan means that you don’t always need to run the AC. Ceiling fans are great for circulating cool air in that scenario. In the winter months, a ceiling fan will send the warm air that floats at the top strata of your rooms back down to floor level. Make sure you have your fan set to run counter-clockwise in the summer, and clockwise in the winter.

Keep You Furnace Clean For Efficiency. From car engines to water softeners, we all know that machinery is more efficient when it’s clean. Keeping a furnace clean helps you to have the most energy efficient heat source possible. Clogged ductwork blocked with built up dust and matted pet hair is another obstacle between you and the warm air you’re paying to heat your living spaces.

Think Layers For Your Wardrobe. We install furnaces that keep your home warm and cozy, but the ideal temperature for warm and cozy is up to you. You might want to try living with the thermostat turned down one to two degrees and see if you still feel comfortable. It may take a day or two for your body to adjust, but you might just find that you are fine at a lower temperature.

Not sure your furnace is the right size? Noticing your home isn’t quite warm enough? Call us today to have one of our technicians offer their professional advice!